Industrial Heating

Industrial heating systems differ to commercial heating installations and require different qualifications and expertise/competence. Here at Modern Heating Services Ltd we have industrial heating engineers with over 20 years experience with the maintenance and repairs of gas and oil-fired industrial units such as;

Steam boilers

Thermal oil boilers

Process burners

Production burners


Industrial warm air heaters

Industrial boilers and water heaters

Industrial warehouse heating

industrial heating

Steam boilers require routine maintenance by a ‘competent person’. Advice on Steam Boilers and Pressure Vessels can be found Here

Modern Heating Services have industrial heating engineers that can provide onsite training to ensure any personnel who may have to carry out maintenance involved with industrial steam boilers can do so safely.

Industrial steam boilers shall require an Annual Insurance Inspection and a NDT (non destructive test) every 5 years by law in accordance with the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. Approved Code of Practice and guidance on Regulations

For both annual steam boiler insurance inspections and 5 year NDT tests, we aim to make everything as easy as possible and keep any downtime to an absolute minimum – including liaising with insurance companies on your behalf.

We can offer a full strip down and rebuild of the boilers including arranging any industrial steam boiler repairs required by our very experienced coded welder.

Modern Heating Services engineers have over 20 years of experience working with industrial steam boilers and steam calorifiers.

More information on pressure systems can be found on the HSE website

Process burners and boilers are used for industry production and often operate 24/7, thus meaning any unplanned downtime of operation through failure is detrimental to every business. We can offer a fast engineer response time to site with confidence that we can repair your plant gas or oil equipment as efficient as possible, based on our knowledge and experience

Industrial Warm Air Heating including direct fired units and radiant heaters are commonly used within warehouses or factories to keep personnel and products warm. Industrial warm air heaters can be suspended or floor mounted, we offer a repair, bespoke maintenance as per your requirements. Our thorough service maintenance is carried out to ensure any breakdowns are kept to a minimum, it also includes an annual gas safety inspection and record of the industrial heater upon completion to ensure regulations and sometimes insurance stipulations are adhered to.

Thermal Oil Boilers and High-Pressure Hot Water Boilers

As with steam boilers, thermal oil boilers are classed as pressure systems which also require an insurance inspection as per the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000. Approved Code of Practice and guidance on Regulations.

Modern Heating Services Ltd believe that through good pre-planned maintenance, we can reduce any unnecessary downtime to a minimum. Our PDF report form include pictures and combustion data, stored safely within our online database, allowing us to log the progress of the appliance or equipment throughout the service history. We compile an asset data to record the materials and components of the appliance, monitoring the ‘lead time’ to acquire any parts, ensuring they are readily available, should they be required. We have trusted suppliers that we have used for over 20 years, often going above and beyond in the event that parts are required ‘out of normal working hours’.

Please feel free to contact us to see how we can ensure your Industrial Heating Requirements are kept working at their optimum efficiency.