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Warm air heating systems heat rooms by directing warm air into the rooms through openings in the ceiling, walls or floor. Modern Heating can install, maintain and repair warm air heating systems using our Specialist tyldesley Warm air heating Engineers.

What is a warm air heating system?

Although the majority of Properties in tyldesley are heated by boilers and radiators, there are still many Commercial and Industrial sites that use central heating with hot air . Warm air generators are similar to air conditioners in that they blow air through ducts and through louvers or vents.

Normally, the air is heated by a gas burner and controlled by a room thermostat and timer. Our Commercial Heating Engineers have a vast experience with Warm Air Heating Systems.

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Commercial warm air heating Engineers tyldesley

Warm air heating is one of the best ways to heat a building, with fast warm-up times and modern, efficient condensing boilers. With the addition of electronic filtration, your property, factory or office can become a cleaner and healthier place by removing up to 95% of the particles in the air. Electronic filters can clean the air up to 6 times per hour.

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Our services for commercial hot air heating in tyldesley

Scheduled services

It is important that all hot air appliances are serviced annually, even more so than a conventional boiler. Because the air is blown through a large fan, there is often a large accumulation of dust and dirt around the unit. If the unit has been properly cleaned and the pressure is correct, you may notice a difference in operation between before and after servicing the unit. Servicing the unit with hot air takes about an hour. If you are looking for Warm air heating Engineers to install hot air units, call Modern Heating and we will be happy to advise you.

Emergency repair/malfunction

If your hot air heater stops working, you’ll probably find that most companies won’t work on it. If so, call us! All our Warm air heating Engineers are fully qualified in the field of hot air.


If your hot air appliance has reached the end of its service life, we will be pleased to advise and assist you. If you need to replace the unit, we install AMBIRAD, REZNOR, POWRMATIC and BENSON hot air heaters.

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Our hot air service is second to none. We are an excellent hot air heater repair, replacement and maintenance company in the Greater Manchester area. Contact us if you are having a hot air unit installed in a factory, workshop or other commercial or industrial facility.

We Install And Maintain Warm air Heaters Such As Ambi Rad, Reznor, powrmatic, benson And Many More. Regular Servicing Of You Commercial gas Heater Is Key To Ensuring Costly Breakdowns Are Reduced.